Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana 2023

Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana 2023:The goal of the scheme is to close the digital divide and give women access to increased connectivity, and registration camps organized by district administrations provide this. Comprehensive information on the scheme can also be accessed via the public information portal and toll-free number 181. Eligibility verification may also take place using E-Mitra Plus devices.

What is IGSY?

Under the Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana 2023, Rajasthan plans to provide free smartphones to women living within its borders through an Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana 2023 program. The Indira Gandhi Yojana 2023 will benefit female students enrolled in Class 9 to 12 government school classes; those studying higher education from institutes of higher learning; widows/single women receiving government pension; as well as head of families who have accrued 100 days of work under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and women head of families/ widow/single women receiving government pension/pensions etc. It will also provide beneficiaries with data sim cards as part of this Yojana 2023!

On August 10, 2023, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot presented this program at Birla Auditorium in Jaipur on the theme of “Knowledge is Power”. Gehlot noted that its aim was to give women mobile connectivity so they can gain access to welfare schemes as well as connect with each other.

Women looking to join this program can visit the official website and complete an application, providing their Aadhaar card number as well as personal details. Once this process has been completed, their phone will arrive shortly thereafter; money will be transferred directly into their e-wallets from the government for purchase of mobile device; then it will be delivered by SMS with preloaded apps to access government services as well as numbers that allow calls and text messaging services.


Rajasthan government recently unveiled the Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana scheme. This scheme provides free smartphones to women throughout Rajasthan with priority given to widowed or divorced women in its initial distribution phase. Implementation will be handled by IT & Telecommunications department. Registration period for the Yojana will remain open until August 10, but any interested applicants should follow below guidelines when submitting an application for consideration.

Residents of Rajasthan with annual family income below 2.5 lakhs and no government jobs may apply. Applications can be submitted either online or at an organized camp; once submitted, government will verify their documents and transfer a sum of money directly into their e-wallets for purchasing smartphones and SIM cards. Eligibility status verification should be quick and straightforward – applicants simply need to ensure that their mobile numbers are linked with their Jan Aadhaar card so as to receive SMS updates about its status.

Rajasthani government plans to distribute over 13 million free smartphones and data sim cards within its borders, starting August 10th with phase one commencing. This initiative was announced by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot as part of his budget this year; its purpose is to promote digital literacy as well as empower women throughout Rajasthan.


Under this scheme, free smartphones will be distributed through camps organized by district administrations. Eligible women must bring important documents like their Aadhar card, PAN card, registered mobile numbers and proof of residence such as electricity bills or ration cards to these camps in order to get these free smartphones.

After registering, applicants will be taken directly to the official website of Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana and asked to select their districts. After entering these names, applicants will then need to enter their block or Panchayat Samiti names; after doing this, their beneficiary list of this scheme will automatically appear on their screens.

On August 10th, the government launched Phase One of their scheme with the goal of providing 40 lakh smartphones across three groups: widows and single women receiving pensions, families with girl students in classes 9th to 12th, and those working under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act for 100 days. For each woman that qualifies, Rs 6800 will be transferred directly into her e-wallets so they may purchase their smartphone, with 20GB data connectivity initially provided with initial purchase of smartphones.

An individual could be considered ineligible for the program for various reasons, including failing to link their Aadhaar card and/or having an inactive mobile number which prevents SMS notifications from reaching them.


Rajasthan government’s Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana 2023 program will give all women in Rajasthan free smartphones with internet connectivity for three years – helping women stay informed and connected while also giving them power and independence. It is an incredible initiative designed to empower Rajasthan women.

Indira Gandhi Free Smartphone Yojana will distribute phones first to widows and divorced women who most need it – widows in particular are in dire need. A phone will enable these women to improve their lives and reconnect with loved ones more easily; plus the government will also give them access to Internet at all times through free data plans for their phones.

To register for this program, certain criteria must be fulfilled. These include living in Rajasthan with an annual family income below 2.5 lakhs, government employment or being widowed/divorced woman. The Rajasthan government has provided a phone number that allows individuals to add themselves onto the list.

Rajasthan government plans on giving away 40 Lakh smartphones free to women as part of a pilot program. If you wish to receive your complimentary device, follow all instructions carefully in order to receive it.

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